Sunday, August 22, 2010

Painful days

     There are days when psoriatic arthritis is not really an issue; days when you wake up in little to no pain, and you feel like you can do anything you want.  Then...there are days like today.  I woke up this morning somewhere around 6am because my lower back has decided that I am not allowed to sleep in my bed anymore.  It has been giving me problems for a couple of weeks now where it starts hurting a few hours after I lie down and then only thing that clears up the pain is to get out of bed.  I usually wind up walking around the house a bit, then camping out in hubby's recliner because it leans back very well and is actually quite comfortable.  It helps stretch my back out so that I can fall back to sleep; the downfall to that is not being able to turn over in the chair, which makes everything else stiff and sore by the time I wake up.

      So I woke up this morning in the chair, only to discover that my left hand (the one that has been swollen so bad lately) was extremely sore.  Now, just so that you can fully understand what I mean by this...   if I held my hand up for you to breathe on it, and you blew air across the sore joint, I would likely scream bloody murder.   That was the seriousness of the pain.  A soak of the hand in a bowl of hot water, two Iburpofen, and eventually a hot shower, later...I can now bend the finger a tad before screaming, but just a tad.

     It's another of those days that makes it easy to want to yell at God and blame him for giving me this disease, to be mad at the world and yell at them because I don't understand why I have to go through this, and to just go back to bed and spend the whole day crying.  However, I have a child who needs to be fed, played with, entertained, and taught. I also have a husband who needs loved, fed, and sometimes entertained, lol.  I have laundry and dishes that need done, crochet projects to finish, this blog to write, and probably hundreds of other things if I look around.  So, here I am, typing to you with one hand while holding the other up so that it's above my heart for better blood flow, and because for some odd reason it just feels better up here on my shoulder.

     To my faithful readers...I hope you are having a better day than I am :)

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