Sunday, August 15, 2010


     One of the toughest things about having psoriasis is how self-conscious it can make a person.  That is why I believe that having a support system is vital.  Surround yourself with people who understand how you feel and who are willing to help you think positive when you feel angry at the world.  It really helps! 
     My Mom was a good person for understanding my disease and even explaining it to others.  She helped me find a doctor who could finally give us a diagnosis, and encouraged me to take my meds so that I would feel better.  My husband is also a great supporter.  He has learned a lot about psoriasis in the time we have been together and has even made donations of time and money to help further research for the cause.  This is fantastic for me because I know that when I am having really rough days, he truly understands what I'm dealing with and he is there to help me get through it.  He lets me cry on his shoulder, and even throw the occasional "I don't understand why I have this and it's not fair!" tantrum.  He reminds me to take meds, helps me out when my arthritis doesn't allow me to lift things or move around well, and even gives me pep talks to help build my self-confidence. 
     If you have psoriasis and you don't have a support system, you should really think about building one...and please, consider me your first member! :)

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