Saturday, November 6, 2010


Thank you Dennis Jernigan for reminding me that "This is My Destiny"!!!  It's funny how God works, and sometimes almost scary how He smacks us back into reality, LOL! 

So I was actually feeling quite well for a change today, and while I was washing up some dishes I decided to turn on my mp3 player.  Listening to some spiritual music is always a mood lifter and a great way to pass the time during mundane activities.  Anyway, the first song that came on was "I Can Only Imagine" by Mercy Me, and that really got me to thinking.  When I get to Heaven maybe I will dance, maybe I will take long walks with God, or even run to be by His side...all things I currently can not do; it will be fantastic!  This lead me to thinking about an amazing friend who passed away from breast cancer back in early 2005, which also lead me to think about Dennis Jernigan's song, since both were played at her celebration of life.
     It's not so much the lyrics of the Jernigan song that got to me, but the title itself.  The realization began to take shape in my mind (which I knew all along, but had gotten away from wanting to believe I think...) that no matter what happens in my life, this is MY destiny!  As long as I believe in God and follow His guidance then I am fulfilling the destiny He has in store for me.  Now, whether this feels like a great way to live or not, with all the pain and tragedy I've had to deal with and whatever more may lay in store, there is a reason for it all.  If that reason is simply to help someone else realize that they are not alone in their struggles, that someone out there knows how they feel, which is the purpose of this blog, then so be it!  If that reason is to remind others that we are never alone when we are on God's team, then YAY!  If that reason is to show others the love of Christ, the awesome power of His redeeming blood, the mercy and grace He bestows on us through salvation, and the unconditional love He has for us, then I say HALLELUJAH! 
Whatever the reason may be, I will give my worries, my fears, my anger, my frustration, my depression, my pain, and my life to God...they are no longer mine, but are in His hands...and I will remember through it all, that THIS IS MY DESTINY! :) 

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