Thursday, April 21, 2011

Getting my life back

If you've been keeping up with my random posts, you know that it was a pretty rough winter around my house.  Thankfully though, the hard part seems to be over for a while.  The sun has decided to stick around and warm things up, including my old, creaky joints.  I am now able to move around almost as freely as I would like.  I believe this is due in part to the warmer weather and in huge response to the Celebrex that the doctor put me on last month.  I also have to say a huge thanks for the love and support of my family!!!  Without my husband's help I would not have made it through what felt like some pretty dark days there for a while; and without the in-laws (including hubby's aunt) pitching in to help with the baby, we might all have gone crazy. 

So things have been picking up nicely.  I am no longer confined to my bed, which is a definite blessing!  I am also no longer requiring the use of my walking cane on a regular basis, but only on really bad days.  Most of my knee pain is gone and my feet are doing well as long as I keep them propped up regularly.  A lot of the pain I still have is concentrated in my hands.  I was back at the doctor yesterday (4/20) for the results of my blood work, and she FINALLY gave me my long-awaited prescription for HUMIRA!!!  The only problem I have now is that the pharmacy says it will take 3-4 more weeks for them to actually get the medicine.  *Sigh* I've been waiting since September and it seems like it will never happen.  Since the arthritic parts of me are feeling pretty good I think I will manage to do okay in that area.  However, I am now 85% covered in psoriasis plaques and was really looking forward to getting the HUMIRA soon so that I could get some relief with that.  It is a little embarrassing to have people stare at my arms/legs when I go out in public, but thanks again to the encouragement of my husband, I go out feeling comfortable being ME!  I am not ashamed to wear my shorts and tank-tops just because I have plaques.  The philosophy that I have developed to help me get past the self-consciousness is simple:  People are afraid of that which they do not understand, therefore if they have issues with my condition and choose to ridicule or stare or some other rude thing, that is THEIR problem, not mine!  I am fully aware of my own situation and I choose to be comfortable, not hidden!


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