Saturday, April 23, 2011


Today has been a pretty fair day over all.  The bottoms of my feet have hurt some, and of course my hands remain semi-sore all the time.  However, everything else has been good.   Despite feeling better in my joints, I am extremely tired after only short bits of activity, so have to rest a lot.  Was able to assist my husband in making a wonderful roasted lamb dinner for our Easter treat.  We'll be heading to his parent's tomorrow afternoon for a turkey/ham dinner.  Of course in the morning it will be lots of fun watching the MuffinMan find all of his Easter surprises and hunt for the eggs that he dyed this evening. :)
I am very thankful that I feel up to the task of handling the festivities...if this were a couple of months ago, or if I felt now like I did then, I'm afraid that he would be hunting eggs in my bedroom or else I would miss out on the activities.  Every day is something new with a toddler, and missing out is just not an option for me; I refuse to let this disease ruin everything!

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