Monday, June 27, 2011

Light at the end of the tunnel

     I just received fantastic news.  My application for assistance has been approved and my Humira shots will be arriving on Wednesday or Thursday of this week!!!  My son's birthday is on Sunday (July 3) so I am getting a present that I can share with him; the gift of Mommy being able to be Mommy again instead of a wreck who always has to apologize for things she doesn't feel like doing.    

    I realize it's been a while since my last post; but I am back.  The past few weeks have been a mixture of both good and bad days.  Thankfully none of the days have been as bad as what I experienced over the winter.  I have been able to be out enjoying some sunshine which has helped my psoriasis keep itself in check (meaning that it has not cleared but has not gotten worse either).   When I've gotten a good amount of sun the plaques will start to thin and not be so itchy, some smaller spots even clear up altogether.  However, when I've not been able to be in the sunshine for a few days I can feel the plaques getting thicker and the itching becomes almost unbearable, even with my Triamcinolone cream.
     On the arthritis front, I have felt generally okay over the past few weeks.  I've been having trouble with my knees though, still feeling like someone has taken a sledge hammer to them.  I have been crocheting a lot more, creating a baby afghan for a very special friend, and the weirdest thing is that my fingers are not nearly as sore as before, but my left wrist aches a lot.  Not sure if that is the arthritis or a bad case of tendonitis.  Since being off of the Prednisone (about a month now) I have lost some of the weight I gained while taking it, which feels pretty darn good, and I know it helps my joints have less pressure on them.
I am thoroughly looking forward to getting back on the medication and being able to lead a somewhat normal life again...thank God for small miracles.

     I wanted to share with you a story that was recently shared with me.  While my blog is intended to help readers understand more about psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, it is often difficult for people to grasp what it really means to have this type of disease.  No one can sum up what it is like better than Christine Miserandino did when she developed "The Spoon Theory".  Please read her story, and then take a moment to say a prayer for anyone you know who suffers from any type of sickness or disability. 

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