Monday, June 6, 2011

So tired...

...of pain, of plaques, of feeling miserable, and of course, of still waiting.  I waited two weeks before calling for a status update on my new Humira application and now it has been two weeks since I first called for the update and I can't even get anyone at the clinic to call me back.  I have to pick up a prescription tomorrow so I will be asking someone face to face about this because I am seriously starting to get upset.  I want some relief from all of this misery instead of having to put on a happy face for the world every day and try to pretend that everything is okay.  IT IS NOT!  I am to the point that most of the time I just want to scream.  I am constantly irritated and that upsets me because even little things drive me right up the wall.  It is not easy to deal with a husband and a 3 (in one more month) year old when all you feel like doing is snapping everyone's head off since you can't just go back to bed and ignore them. 
I would beg for Calgon to "take me away" except that I can't sit down in the bathtub anymore, and the shower chair isn't low enough for me to feel the benefits of soaking in a bath, so that would be pointless.  *sigh* 

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