Saturday, July 9, 2011

A new direction

     After a long and bitter struggle, I finally received my medication on June 30th.  As per the doctor's orders, I took two shots the first day and one shot a week later (June 7th). I will now begin taking them once every two weeks.  I am one of the lucky people who does not have to wait forever to notice a difference with my meds.  I immediately started noticing a change, not only in my mental attitude and feelings, but also in my physical condition.  My husband also noted these same changes. 
     As I previously mentioned, I was approximately 85% covered in thick, flaky, itchy, and ugly psoriasis patches.  The patches have thinned quite a bit and are much less flaky than before; the percentage of coverage has dwindled maybe 5% already.  I am in shock that it's working this fast, but of course am not complaining!
     It is so amazing to me how many things we do everyday that are taken for granted until there comes a point that we can not do them.  For instance, I am thankful now that I can get dressed by myself, fastening a bra (in the back) and even putting on shoes that tie without assistance from my husband.  Just a few short months ago I spent days refusing to wear anything but a nightgown because it was just too frustrating to try to dress myself and too humiliating to have to ask for help all the time.  My hands would cramp and hurt when attempting to fasten my jeans, my arms ached to the point that I could not even begin to reach behind me to fasten a bra (I only own one front fasten kind), and bending down to tie my shoes, even while sitting, was nearly impossible.  There were days I even had to have assistance taking a shower.
     I am very grateful that I started feeling better when the weather warmed up, and even more so with my Humira.  There are still so many "little" things I look forward to being able to do: sitting on the floor to play with my son, playing outside for more than 5 minutes at a time, going shopping without having to use the wheelchair, wearing dark colored blouses and not worrying about flakes, and I am even looking forward to being able to properly shave my legs again!  I never asked for miracles, I don't want to run a marathon or lift a hundred pounds, or anything fancy...I just want to be able to say "Yes, Mommy CAN  do that with you," for a change instead of having to explain to him about pain and chronic fatigue, things a 3yr old should not have to try and understand.

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