Thursday, February 9, 2012

Working it out

     As of today, I have lost a total of 10 lbs.  I began my new journey at the highest weight I have ever been, and I vowed that I would change those extremely scary numbers.  I am doing well so far!  What I feel proudest of is the fact that I am doing it all the "hard" way.  There are no pills, no meal replacements, no starvation, no silliness whatsoever.  There is  plain old hard work and nutrition knowledge.  I have progressed from knowing what healthy choices to make to actually making those choices!  I find myself refusing calorie-laden dishes in favor of veggie filled ones, and diet (which I used to vehemently detest) soda if I absolutely must have one at all, but I prefer water or plain tea.  This is BIG! I have known for a long time which choices I should be making, but I just never had the willpower to force myself to do it.  I would say things like "oh, I know I should have the roast chicken with mixed veggies, but I've been good all day, so I think I'm going to have the alfredo instead, it won't be so bad".   When you say that every single day, there's no evidence left to prove that you ever did anything right.  All of those "not so bad" choices add up to a great big pile of "yeah, that was a huge mistake", when you step on the scale.
      Another thing that I have learned to do, is to take baby steps.  I do my workouts at our local Y, and I know that in order to be successful at this venture, I need to burn off some calories.  To balance the workout, and to keep myself in shape plus keep my joints moving freely and stay within a good range of motion despite my arthritis issues, I also maintain a fairly decent strength routine.  Back in December, I complained to my doctor that my cardio workouts were just not easy to do.  I'm too heavy and it hurts way too much to run or jog.  The treadmill is nice for walking, but my knees were giving out after about five minutes.  Three things happened when I voiced my frustration.  1)My doctor indicated that she understood my pain.  2)She also made it clear that she knows when I make excuses.  3) She gave me the key step to making it all work.
      Did she give me some sort of miracle answer to my problems? Did she prescribe a drug that would ease my pain, making it simpler to get through those monster cardio days?  The answer is NO!  What she did do was to give me the straight talk on the problems that my excessive weight can lead to, and point out where I am already showing signs of some of these issues.  She also told me that there IS NO MIRACLE CURE for weight loss, there is only hard work and determination to get the job done.  The best advice that she gave me was to keep trying.  She said that if I could only walk 5 minutes on the treadmill today, then do it; tomorrow, walk 6 minutes.  Her advice has stuck in my head and reminded me each step of the way that if I can't walk miles at a time or hours on end each day, it's OKAY.  So long as I keep trying to improve and do not just give up.  Because of this I was able today to complete 1.30 miles in 36 minutes!  I started out spending 5 minutes at a time on the treadmill and with each workout I challenged myself to do a little bit more.  I'm still gearing up for that March for Babies walk at the end of April, but I'm a whole lot closer to believing that I won't keel over than I was when this all started in January :)

I want to hear how YOUR fitness goals are coming along! Chime in with a comment to tell us what you're motivation is and how you're doing so far!

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