Sunday, December 29, 2013

No gym, No problem!

Alright, yesterday I promised you big changes were coming.  I am here today to keep that promise! 
2014 is going to be a FANTASTIC year! 

Here is where we get started:  I am coming into this year at the heaviest weight I have ever been. Yes, that is hard to admit, but it must be acknowledged in order for change to take place.  What is my plan for that change?  I can't afford a gym membership right now that let's me work out how I need to, so I have to find other ways of getting exercise.  It is winter, and in Virginia, that means lots of cold, rainy days, and sometimes lots of snow.  All of that is preventative of getting outside to enjoy a walk or playtime with my 5 year old.  So I decided to do something totally WILD---I'm going to actually use all of the Xbox Kinect™  and Nintendo Wii "games" my husband has given me!!! 

You heard me right, I'm going to lose weight by using my Kinect™ and Wii !  
We have many videos for our consoles that are designed to help people get fit, from The Biggest Loser Challenge (Wii) to the Fit and Active workout on the Kinect.™.  Why not make my workouts both calorie burning, AND fun?  I can play sports, or even dance my way to fitness.  No gym, No problem!  I totally have this :)  

I know many of you are asking yourselves, "If she has all these videos and hasn't used them before, what makes her think she can get fit with them now?"  The answer is simple.  I have a purpose.  I want to reclaim my life.  I want to be healthy for myself, my family, and my friends.  I have finally awoken to the reality of what my weight is doing to my body, and how my life is limited because of it.  I have goals and dreams that are not being accomplished, and that ends NOW!  2014 is the year I have decided to take it all back.  
I have also decided to share this amazing journey with you--my very best friends and loved ones.  I will be blogging my results along the way, sharing with you my workout routines, successes and failures (of course there will be some, but we must learn how to use them to move forward and not allow them to drag us down permanently).  If my story inspires you, motivates you, or even if you just want to drop a line of encouragement, I would LOVE to hear from you !

That being said, I would like to introduce you to my first workout today ! 

I started the adventure with a fun but short Zumba class

It will take a while to build up time!

Day 1

After Zumba, I played some Racquet sports with hubby, we played 
 Squash and Tennis .
In total today I spent ONE FULL HOUR exercising and moving about, not bad for a gal who normally spends 3/4 of her time sitting on the couch with crochet hook in hand ;) Now let's see how I do tomorrow!

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