Saturday, January 4, 2014

Move it, move it!

I've made it to the gym twice since my last post :) 
Getting started is always hard after a long break, but it definitely feels good to be back.  I have not really felt much pain and I know that's because I'm not really able to do a lot right now.  However, I am managing to keep moving and doing a mix of strength/cardio for at least 45 mins each time.  The first day I did two miles on the bike as a warm-up. That was a surprise because I can usually only do five mins before I get worn out.  Today I wasn't able to do as much biking because I'm having trouble with my right foot.  It just doesn't like to sit the way it has to for the pedals on the it causes quite a bit of pain on the top of my foot.  Still, I pressed on and moved to other things.

Planet Fitness has a room that includes a 30-minute circuit workout, very similar to what you might find at Curves.  So I worked on that for a bit today. It was a little confusing because the machines are weight based, verses the hydraulic resistance used at Curves .  This actually makes it so that my workout is beyond 30 minutes because I must spend time adjusting each machine to the right sitting level, then making sure it is on the right weight. By the time I was finished with that part, the 60 seconds I was supposed to be working out are gone.  Of course it will get easier to adjust the machines in time, but I still think it will still add about 10 minutes to the workout if you include taking time to also wipe down each machine after use. 

For these last two visits , I have just done some basic stuff to get back in the habit of actually being at a gym.  Hubby and I have an appointment for Monday morning to meet with a trainer to have a workout plan designed for us.  I am excited to see what she has in store, and scared at the same time!'ve been reading all about my plans for this year, be sure to leave a comment and tell me about your new year/new you fitness plan!


  1. Great job Carla. cant wait to watch your journey. I lost over 20lbs in the fall and started up again Jan 1. down 6.2 lbs today. Feels so good but still at least 50 lbs to lose here. you can follow my journey here :) lets support each other through this.

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